"Alari wait! You can't go, because... because I love you, Alari."
— Bone to Alari as she leaves in Leaving Home

Bone Icon
Age Approximately 3 Years
Gender Male
Species Wolf
Status Alive
Current Loner[1]
Formerly The Pack of Night
Rank None
Beta (Proceeded by Cliff, Formerly[1])
Voice Actors
Current Andrew Luba[2]
Formerly Bohemianmuser [3], VectorBasedLife[4], Hidge209[5], , SouthernJediFilms, Colorado233, xNeelixx

Bone is a big, pure white male wolf with orange eyes.

He was the Beta of The Pack of Night, second-in-command under Fang, as well as a childhood friend of Alari.


As a pup, Bone was shown to be extremely shy and soft-spoken in blatant contrast to his bold, cocky sister, Midnight. He secretly nursed a deep affection for Alari, but after her disappearance and supposed "death," Bone was profoundly shaken and subsequently vowed to be "brave" for her. In a later conversation with her, Bone promised to protect Fang with all of his strength.
One year later, Bone's promise to be "brave" has changed him into a much harsher, darker version of himself. His traumatic experience with Alari's disappearance and his upgrade in the ranks to Beta, second-in-command, has made him fierce, slightly sadistic, and unyielding, in a personality shift similar to Fang's. He no longer shows much affection toward either one of his sisters - nor toward anyone else, for that matter - but is deeply devoted to Fang as a result of his promise to Alari. It is implied that his ruthless disposition is a mixture of two things: an overly literal interpretation of his oath to be "brave" and "protect Fang," combined with the loneliness from the loss of his mother and his close friend.


  • Bone would be about 18-19 years old in human years.[6]
  • Fang made Bone his Beta instead of Cliff, because Bone 'was too young and stupid to see Fang was a terrible leader and just not talk back.'[6]
  • Bone's eyes have been drawn as orange and amber in different episodes.



Alari[7]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Saber[8]: Alive (As of Who's Your Daddy?)


Blue[9]: Deceased


Luna[9]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)
Midnight[9]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Jet[citation needed]: Alive (As of Who's Your Daddy?)




"Please be careful."
—Bone to Alari when she leaves to go to the fence I Dare You, Unknown
"What do you mean you're not staying?"
—Bone, asking Alari Leaving Home, Unknown
"You will not address my alpha with such disrespect, you half-eyed snake."
—Bone scolding Rune for insulting Fang Family First, 6:48
"You weren't supposed to be back on territory for four more days. And I don't remember Fang giving you permission to enter his cave. If Fang is displeased with you coming, it should be amusing to watch you suffer."
—Bone scolding Lupis Times Change, Unknown


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