"There is nothing to fix. My daughter's perfect. I have no right to try to control her. And neither do you."
— Bone defending his daughter in Dreamer, 02:19

Boon Icon
Gender Male
Species Scottish Highland Cow
Status Alive
Current Barn
Voice Actors
Current Dreamer
Living Dreamer, Episode 6, The Meeting

Boon is a brown, long haired Scottish Highland Cow with two dark brown horns and fur which covers his whole body, but his muzzle and ears.



Boon is first seen with two other cows in the barn, who want to tell him to calm down his daughter. As Sammy joins the discussion and insults Milly, he gets angry and says that no one asked for her opinion, but the she-cat simply continues to talk about what will happen if Milly actually tries to join a pack. He decides to talk to her in the morning afterwards.

Episode 6

When Milly comes to Boon to tell him about her dream, he begins to scold her and tells her to stop dreaming about joining a wolf pack. However, Milly does not listen to him and runs off, leaving Boon in disappointment. At the end of the episode, Sammy comes up to him and he tells her that he will never take her advice ever again.

The Meeting

Boon is briefly mentioned by Sammy when she tries to convince Milly to come home, saying that her father is worried sick. With this Milly agrees to come home and say goodbye after the meeting.

Later on, while Fang is explaining his plan to raid the barn and kill all the cattle, images of Boon and the other cows are seen including one image of Boon's dead corpse and his daughter's.




Milly[1]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)





"No one asked your opinion, cat!"
—Boon getting angry at Sammy Dreamer, 02:42

"I don't want to hear about your dreams. Not ones with wolves in them. I have been more than patient with you, but this obsession has to stop. It's unhealthy."
—Boon telling Milly to stop dreaming about joining a wolf pack Episode 6, 01:23

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