Episode 10
Episode 10
Name Leaving Home
Release Date Aug 22, 2009
Running Time 06:07 Minutes
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Leaving Home is the tenth episode of the Cow of the Wild series.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Lupis hurrying Luna on a hunting trip as part of her five day exile. Luna complains Fang gets upset whenever she does anything, Lupis tells her she's lucky Fang didn't beat her again before they leave.
Sammy finds Milly in the field and asks her why she didn't come to the barn last night why she has a bird on her back. Milly introduces Rocky who mentions he cannot fly which peaks Sammy's interest. As Sammy gets closer, Rocky screams at her. Milly says she and Rocky should probably leave and leave Sammy in the field. Rocky shows Milly his tree. They notice the storm has destroyed a section of the fence. Milly realizes the space is big enough for her to fit through. She escapes, howling in joy.
Luna and Lupis climb up a hill despite Lupis arguing that they should be hunting. Luna argues that Fang doesn't actually expect them to catch anything and they have plenty of time to hunt. Once at the top of the hill, Luna hears Milly's joyful howls and howls back despite Lupis' warnings. Luna dismisses him, claiming cows can't get out because of the fence just before Milly runs up the hill to meet them.



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  • This is the one of two episodes named "Leaving Home".


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