Episode 12
Episode 12
Name Leaving Home
Release Date Nov 11, 2009
Running Time 06:20 Minutes
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Leaving Home is the twelfth episode of the Cow of the Wild series.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Milly and Luna waiting on Moon Cliff. Luna still looks sad about having to kill Milly. Milly asks her why she look upset. Luna changes the subject and asks Milly why a cow would want to join a wolf pack. Bone approaches within earshot just as Milly tells Luna about a wolf pup she met named Alari. Bone is surprised to hear Alari's name, which brings back old memories.

Bone's Flashback

One week after Alari's disappearance

A young Bone is sleeping in the den with his sisters. Alari sneaks in and wakes him up. She warns him not to wake anyone up and to meet her outside. Once outside, Bone nuzzles Alari and exclaims how everything will be better now that she's back. Alari looks sad and asks Bone to promise her something, which Bone agrees to. Alari asks Bone to take care of her father as other wolves will see him as weak and try to take his place. Alari admits that she thinks she deserves to come back and blames herself for her mother's death. Bone tries to convince Alari that she needs to stay or she will die in the coming winter and that he will help her through her grief. Alari ask Bone again to promise to protect Fang, which he promises too. As Alari leaves, Bone tells her she can't leave because he loves her. Alari looks hurt before finally walking away.
The episode ends with Bone angrily glaring at Milly and Luna.



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  • This is the second episode named "Leaving Home".


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