Episode 13
Episode 13
Name New Places
Release Date Nov 13, 2009
Running Time 08:14 Minutes
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New Places is the thirteenth episode of the Cow of the Wild series.

Plot Summary

The episode begins where the last ended. Bone approaches Luna and Milly and announces Fang's arrival. Fang addresses Milly and inquires as to why she is on his territory, Milly explains she wants to join his pack. After a brief silence, Fang agrees saying he'd love to have someone with her "enthusiasm" in his pack. Bone attempts to argue but is silenced by Fang. Luna and Lupis exchanged worried looks as Fang orders them to escort Milly back to the camp while he speaks with his beta.
Bone tries to reason with Fang once they're alone but Fang dismisses him again, warning that bad things will happen if he thinks so he should just listen. Fang informs Bone he has a mission for him, to go to all the pack and tell them he is holding a gathering in the Ancient Place of Meetings tomorrow when the full moon is highest. Bone asks how he is meant to gather so many wolves in just one day, Fang simply shouts at him to go.
Sammy is seen wandering the forest in search of Milly. She complains aloud to herself about all the things she hates about the forest which attracts the attention of a hawk.



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  • Sammy is briefly seen with all four paws, despite missing one of her legs.[2]


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