Episode 15
Episode 15
Name Good And Bad Intentions
Release Date Fed 15, 2010
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Good And Bad Intentions is the fifteenth episode of the Cow of the Wild series.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Fang calling the Pack of Night to announce their new packamte. When Milly reveals herself, the pack is clearly angry and confused. Yin-Yang ask Fang if he's gone mad which he silences her for and tells him not to question his orders.
Speed, frozen in fear, is attacked by the hawk and Sammy gets knocked out of her mouth.Vimy attempts to rescue them but his belly is cut open by the hawk's talons. Torrie jumps at the bird to defend his brother, biting at its wing before is throws him aside. As the bird looms over them, it is pushed over the cliff by Sammy.
Milly stares and smiles at Midnight silently. Midnight asks if she can help her. Milly apologizes for staring and tells Midnight she thinks she's the prettiest wolf she's seen so far. Midnight accepts her compliment, even acting friendly toward Milly until she adds in Midnight's the prettiest next to Luna. Midnight glares at Milly before leaving.
Midnight enters Fang's den. She begins to question on why Fang has brought a cow in the pack and why they don't just kill her. Fang calmly reminds Midnight that she is his first choice for the next alpha female and she gets special privileges that other pack members don't get before snapping and threatening to take all that away if she questions him again.



Voice Actors[1]

(In Order of Appearance)

Background Artists

  • Hawk
  • Mappley
  • Niftyapplestar
  • Billycat
  • Darkuarawolf
  • Others unnamed


  • Speed is missing the scratches on her cheek just moments after receiving them.[2]
  • Midnight's coat changes to different shades of black throughout the episode.[3][4]
  • Bo1322 is mistakenly listed as 'Bo1332' in the credits.[5]


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