Episode 25
Episode 25
Name Love Hurts
Release Date July 28, 2018
Running Time 17:59 minutes
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Who's Your Daddy? To Be Continued...

Love Hurts is the twenty fifth episode in the Cow of the Wild series and was released on July 28th, 2018

Plot Summary

The episode opens with Alari facing Fang. Alari is happy to see her father again, but Fang doesn't believe it's her, despite Bone telling him it's his daughter. Fang then tries to attack Alari, but Bone stops him, and the two run away. Bone informs Midnight of what has happened and asks her to leave, but she declines.
The story cuts to Lupis and Rune where Rune tells a story of how he and Mink had an affair while she was still mates with Balder. When Mink had her second litter, Balder realized she had been unfaithful. In a blind rage, he killed the pups. Mink told Rune this wouldn't have happened if they were Balder's pups and tells Rune to leave her family. Rune says he wants to take Lupis back to the kingdom so he can teach Lupis to be a better ruler and so that he (Rune) can step down as king. Marra is seen glaring at the two as Lupis agrees to come with Rune willingly.
The scene cuts back to Alari confessing her love to Bone, before returning the story to Midnight, who reinforces Fang's insanity by claiming that Alari is still dead, then Fang makes Midnight the new alpha female of the Pack of Night. Sammy and Torrie then fight, and Torrie leaves.
The story once again comes back to Lupis where Marra speaks out against Rune. She tries to convince Lupis that Rune is lying but Lupis holds firm. Rune tells Marra she's lost just like her father. Rune says that'll have to move quickly to reach the Kingdom. Marra leaps at Rune, tearing off his and Mink's feathers as he bleeds to death.

After Credits

Luna is seen crying in the forest. She hears a shuffling and Rock appears. Rock says he's been looking for her ever since she left the meeting yesterday. Rock gets straight to the point ans says if she agrees to be his alpha female, he'll use all his wolves to aid her against Fang.



  • Written, Animated and Directed by Tribbleofdoom
  • Sound Design by Tribbleofdoom

Voice Actors

Background Artists

  • PigeonShine
  • 0o0hawktalon0o0
  • Cylithren
  • Ben Gallego
  • Whitewolf16
  • Sendraw
  • Rabid Lycan


  • Cheekycoolcat15's name is mispelled as "Cheeycoolcat15" in the credits.[1]


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  1. Revealed in Love Hurts, Credits
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