Episode 2
Episode 2
Name I Dare You
Release Date Jan 12, 2009
Running Time 03:58 Minutes
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I Dare You is the second episode of the Cow of the Wild series.

Plot Summary

The episode starts with Bone apologizing to Alari that they are not allowed to leave the den without an adult. Alari, however, claims that they do not need anyone, since they are not babies anymore. As Midnight agrees and joins her. Bone follows them as well. On their way they find human scent. Midnight mentions a fence at the edge of their border and that her friend Griffon told her it was made out of dead trees and cold, shiny stuff. She challenges her brother Bone to go and touch the fence, but he refuses to, so Midnight starts to call him a chicken. Alari defends Bone, ending with herself getting challenged instead. Unlike her friends, she is willing to touch the fence and starts to get on her way to it.


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  1. Revealed in I Dare You, 2:58
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