Episode 7
Episode 7
Name Omega
Release Date June 26, 2009
Running Time 05:52 Minutes
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Episode 6 The West

Omega is the seventh episode of the Cow of the Wild series.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Luna asleep in the pack den. Midnight nudges her awake and asks Luna what she is doing in her spot. Luna reason that Midnight wasn't using it. Midnight reminds Luna that as the omega, she has to sleep outside. Luna gives up the spot and Midnight tells her not to get fleas on everyone as she walks out. Midnight thinks to herself that Luna is stupid for believing they can share a spot in the den just because they are sisters.
Outside the den, Luna grumbles that she doesn't have fleas as she scratches are her leg. Luna attempts to make small talk with Bone as he passes by. With his recent promotion, Bone simply states that betas to not talk to omegas and stalks off. After being dismissed by Bone, Luna is greeted by Lupis. He tell her the other wolves say he's on his way to becoming head tracker. Luna congratulates Lupis but Lupis wishes there was something he could congratulate her on. Luna states there's always something good going on. Lupis discuss how Luna can be so happy despite having nothing. The episode ends with Bone telling Lupis to get inside the den, leaving Luna alone outside.


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