Episode 9
Episode 9
Name Like A Rock
Release Date Aug, 22 2009
Running Time 05:50 Minutes
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The West Leaving Home

Like A Rock is the ninth episode of the Cow of the Wild series.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with a young calf greeting Milly. The calf's mother calls Trevor over and tells him she doesn't want Milly to rub off on him as she's a 'bit odd'. After overhearing this, Milly began to notice the hushed giggles and dark looks from the herd and realized she had not friends left among them. She wandered to the outskirts of the field to think. Despite the rain, she stays outside not wanting to see the herd or her father.
Milly wakes up the next morning as a small yellow bird falls on her back. The bird introduces himself as Rocky and laments that he has no friends or family. He explains after his family flew south without him, as he cannot fly, the storm knocked him out of his tree just before lightning struck it. Rocky asks Milly if he can sit on her back and use it as his tree. Milly agrees.



Voice Actors[1]

  • Dreamer as Rocky
  • lola1er as the young cow (Trevor)
  • Dreamer as the mother cow
  • Tribbleofdoom as Milly


  • This is the first episode to include a deleted scene.[2]
    • Additionally, the deleted scene was meant to be a cameo for the first 'Cow of the Wild' fan, one of Tribble's classmates who read her story notes.
  • This episode is the least favorite episode of Tribbleofdoom.[3]


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