-Alari, daughter of the alpha, becomes angry at her father when he tells her not to befriend pups with a low rank, like the pup’s of Blue, who’s father is a loner; he suggests she plays with Girara’s pups instead, but she leaves in a huff and goes to Blue’s cave instead

-When she arrives, Alari asks to play with the pups Bone, Luna, and Midnight, but Midnight tells her that Luna has gone out hunting. This frightens Blue, who can not believe that they let her leave alone.

-Luna is out in the forest when she stumbled upon an injured male pup. She tells him he is in the territory of the Pack of Night. The pup replies that he can’t remember who he is.

-Blue finds the two pups and is enraged.


-The three pups go out exploring, though they aren’t supposed to leave their den without an adult.

-When Alari scents human, Midnight tells her that another wolf named Griffon had seen some human structure called a fence before; she dares her brother to go touch it.

-Bone refuses, and Alari stands up for him when Midnight calls him a chicken, pointing out that Midnight wouldn’t do it either. The black pup replies by telling Alari to touch the fence; she agrees.

-Bone tries to stop her, saying that even Fang won’t go that close to the fence, but she goes off anyways.


-Fang tells his mate, Alari’s mother, that Alari and Blue’s pups are missing from the den. He hears Blue’s howl and figures she has found the pups, so he goes out to meet up with her.

-While she contemplates going back, Alari falls down a hill and lands near the fence and meets a cow named Milly.

-Fang reaches Blue, who tells him that Luna has found a stray pup, named Lupis, who doesn’t remember where he is from or how he got there.

-Alari hears her mother calling for her and decides she should leave, but Milly has a small howling session with her first; this awakes her human owner, and he comes outside with a gun, pointing it at Alari.

-Alari’s mother, Flutter, arrives, seeing her daughter in danger, and jumps in front of her to save her from being shot. She begins to die, telling Alari she loves her. A final gun shot and scream is heard.


-Fang agrees to allow Lupis to stay just as the gun shots and scream are heard, and he knows it to be Alari’s voice, and he arrives to find Flutter’s dead body, but no trace of his daughter; he believes that she is dead.

-Blue, Lupis, and the other three pups arrive an hour later to find the alpha and his dead mate. Luna asks her mother if this is her fault.

-Fang asks Blue if they found Alari’s body, and she replies that they did not, but they followed a trail of her paw prints to a river, where they end, and she has planned a search party.

-Fang tells her that he doesn’t want them to go out looking for her, because he doesn’t want to see her dead as well, and have a shred of hope that she is alive after all.

-When Blue tells him he should try to at least help her, he calls her a thin blood, because her parents and mate were loners. He tells her that she should leave, with her pups.

-Blue begs him to reconsider, but Fang turns her down, saying he is dead on the inside; instead they come to a loose agreement that her pups may stay, only because Alari had told him earlier that morning that she liked her friends.

-When their mother leaves, Midnight blames Luna. When Fang asks Midnight why she didn’t stop Alari from leaving, which caused their deaths, she tells him that she tried really hard to stop her; he tells her she is a good pup, but points out that Luna is not.

-Bone goes out into the forest, proclaiming aloud, that he will never be afraid again, in honor of her.

-A week later, Fang is faced with the reality that a new alpha female must be appointed, and he decides that he has been too soft on the pack, and things will have to change.


-A year after Fang’s proclamation, Milly the cow awakes at her farm home and is shown as an outcast to the other animals, her inquiries on wolves turning them against the curious cow.

-A barn cat and two cows confront Milly’s father, Boon, about his daughter’s behavior, but he argues her personality perfect. The cat presses on, advising him that he should do it for her life’s sake, as wolves would kill her if approached.


-Milly dreams of seeing a she-wolf, Blue, and the two of them howl together with the rest of a pack. When she wakes up, she goes to tell her father, but before she can, her father yells at her for her obsessions, saying that they are not feasible.

-Milly professes that this is who she is, and Boon tells the barn cat he will not listen to her again.


-Midnight wakes Luna up and confronts her for sleeping in her spot, saying that her position as an omega means she is required to sleep outside. She expresses her disgust for her sister, and a similar occurrence ensues between Luna and Bone, who has been promoted to the beta position.

-Luna is approached by Lupis, who says he is near becoming head tracker, although he feels unhappy that she has such a meager life as an omega. She counters that she loves life itself and is glad to at least be able to do what she can.

-Bone calls Lupis into the den, and he leaves Luna alone.


-Lupis wakes up to find Midnight sleeping against him, who says she was worried he was sick, and likes the warmth she finds with being near him.

-He responds by rushing off to the elder wolf Yin-Yang, who he claims was calling for him. She greets the wolf warmly, and the pups surrounding her beg for a story of Yin-Yang’s old home.

-Yin-Yang tells them of a place far west, a place where war was constant due to little territory and prey. The wolves decide that they need a leader to stop this fighting, and find one in a wolf named Vadar, a peaceful warrior with amazing strength. He had already been the alpha of a pack before, but soon the other packs declared him King over their individual alphas; peace ensued over the rival clans.

-Vadar himself had three sons: Kahleel the Kind, Apollo the Strong, and Balder  the Brave, who was destined to become the next king. He had great promise to him, and could even walk among commoners, a trait absent in his mother and Apollo.

-Instead, Balder fell for a loner named Mink, moved to the east, and decided to begin his own pack. They had a litter together with two daughters and a son.

-When Vadar became old, Kahleel took over as king, but he was weak in the mind. Wolves plotted against him, including Apollo.

-Apollo gathered a following, with a second-command named Rune. Rune betrayed Apollo on the day of the strike, killing Apollo, Kahleel, and Vadar himself, declaring himself king.

-No wolves would accept Rune as king due to Balder or his pups being the next in line. Rune gathered his trusted followers and went to find the small family, killing all of them and bringing the bodies back to prove his position’s truth. Yin-Yang leaves the west as a result.

-Lupis is seen crying, and Fang appears and confronts him for his irresponsible behavior, threatening to punish Luna for sleeping in the den. Fang agrees not to punish her if Lupis will take her on a hunting trip for five days.


-Milly once again finds herself an outcast amongst the cows, finally understanding her distance between them. She walks to the edge of their pasture, sleeping out in the rain until she wakes to find a flightless but chipper bird named Rocky, who was abandoned while his family went south.

-Rocky’s home was destroyed in the storm, and he asks to stay with Milly. She agrees.


-Lupis wakes Luna and tells her about her punishment, reminding her that he is keeping her from being beaten. They are later seen on a mountaintop.

-Meanwhile, Sammy the barn cat confronts Milly, asking why she stayed out for the night. She notices Rocky and takes an interest in the flightless bird. Milly decides to take Rocky back to see his old tree.

-The fence near the tree has been melted by the lightning, allowing Milly to escape. She begins to howl, and this attracts the attention of Luna and Lupis; Luna finds this unique, though Lupis is uninterested in the cow’s moo.

-Luna and Milly exchange howls from far away. She tells Lupis that the cow won’t be able to find them; in fact, Millie appears at that moment.


-Milly tells Luna of her dreams to join a wolf pack, and Lupis tells Luna he will go assemble a hunting party, although Luna seems opposed to killing the sweet cow.

-When Lupis arrives, he is confronted by a hostile Bone, who reminds him he is supposed to remain off the territory. Lupis announces the discovery of the cow to Fang, and he is shocked by her ability to have escaped through the fence.

-Fang encounters memories of five years prior, when he was a young warrior. Cliff, his brother and former beta, and Blue, now banished from the territory, are boasting of Cliff’s ability to go touch the fence two days prior.

-Fang doesn’t believe their stories, but he is forced to go due to Cliff’s teasing. Upon disappearing from their range of vision, he is tackled by a she-wolf he does not recognize, named Flutter, who is accompanied by another she-wolf, her sister Sharp, who both come from the Pack of Falling Stars.

-Fang and Flutter seem to take a liking to each other, and the three agree to meet up again soon, as Fang’s mother is looking for him.

-Two years later, Fang and Flutter are shown together. Fang confesses that his father is dying, and he has been named the new alpha. He reminds her that, as alpha, he can bring other wolves into the pack, and that he will need an alpha female.

-Fang asks Flutter to join him as his alpha female. Though it means her separating from her own pack, she agrees upon his promise of loyalty.

-The memory then goes on to show the birth of Alari, who is said to be the embodiment of Flutter’s beauty and Fang’s spirit, perfect in Fang’s eyes. It then flashes to Flutter’s death.

-Fang asks to be taken to the cow.


-Milly reveals her reasons for wanting to join the pack: hearing the wolves’ howls, and meeting a wolf named Alari. Bone appears at this moment, and the mention of Alari induces a flashback.

-A week after Alari’s disappearance, Bone is awoken by Alari, who he believes will now stay with the pack and make everything go back to normal.

-Alari reveals that she will not be staying, because she blames herself for her mother’s death. Bone becomes angry at her for this painful betrayal, but then pleads with her to stay, saying that he will help her endure.

-Alari decides to leave anyways, but Bone stops her, confessing his love for her. She closes her eyes, taking off while he watches. The scene returns to an enraged Bone.


-Fang and Bone approach Milly, asking her why she is here. She confesses her desire to become part of the pack, and Fang accepts, much to Bone’s confusion.

-Fang says he will allow Milly to join the pack after a week’s decision time, but only if she will perform one task, which he keeps secret. He advises Luna and Lupis to take her to the territory.

-Bone confronts Fang on his intentions, but he says they will be revealed with time. He orders Bone to summon the other packs for a gathering at the Ancient Place of Meetings the next night for any who wish to attend. One to three representatives are to be sent from each pack who wish to here a proposition he has for them.

-Somewhere nearby, Sammy has walked in the forest in pursuit of Milly; she finds herself lost, and a hawk swoops near her. The episode closes with her scream.


-Two tom-cat brothers, Vimy and Torrie, are walking out in the forest when they hear Sammy’s scream. Vimy wants to go help, but Torrie opposes the idea.

-A female fox named Speed who is with them agrees with Vimy, and she begins to lead Vimy off to the place where the hawk nests.

-Milly is shown being led to the pack by Luna and Lupis, and while Lupis runs ahead, Millie asks whether she will see Alari once they arrive. Luna seems surprised, and deeply shaken.

-Milly asks what is wrong, and Luna tells her of Alari’s supposed death, and how the pack has never truly recovered. Milly, knowing that it had been her fault, expresses condolences.

-The scene returns to Vimy, Torrie, and Speed locating Sammy at the hawk nest. The episode cuts off with a hawk’s call.


-Fang draws the pack’s attention, announcing the arrival of a new member. They are all surprised by Milly, but Fang orders them not to question his judgment.

-The hawk’s nest scene returns, with Speed being attacked by the bird. She drops Sammy, and Vimy lunges at the hawk, mortally wounded within seconds. Torrie then launches an attack, injuring it before he is tossed to the side. Sammy then pounces on the hawk, knocking it off the cliff.

-Milly is shown staring at Midnight, who she admits is the most beautiful wolf she has seen other than Luna, someone she believes is gorgeous.

-Midnight approaches Fang, asking why he decided to keep Milly around. He reveals that he would pick Midnight as his next mate, and that she is granted special privileges because of this, but he threatens her as a result of her questioning him.


-The episode begins with Torrie confronting both Speed and Sammy for his brother’s likely demise, but before much has been said, Speed begins to carry Vimy off to safety. The others follow.

-Luna is shown explaining to Milly that many wolves who are around them are not of their pack, and she is unsure of why they are there. A wolf named Marra from the west reveals that Bone has been sent to gather wolves from each pack to see what Fang has to announce.

-Luna asks Lupis if he knew about the meeting; he denies that he does, and Luna goes off to see if Yin-Yang has an explanation for it.

-Marra inquires whether she has met Lupis before, but he denies this as well. When he attempts to leave, Marra suddenly remembers who he is: a son of Balder.

-While Torrie and Sammy argue about her reason for being in the forest, Alari appears. The episode ends.


-Marra reminds Lupis of their first meeting as pups; although he was the only pup no one knew about, she had not forgotten him, as she was the daughter of Kahleel.

-Lupis is thrown into a memory of being carried to the kingdom by his mother, his three older siblings bickering about his inability to remember where they are, or walk by himself, Aurora and Tia defending him loyally.

-His brother Erol pushes Lupis into the open once he scents the wolves of the Kingdom of the West, seeing dozens of them (including Yin-Yang, with an unnamed pup and mate, Moon).

-Balder and Mink reveal their past with the Kingdom to Lupis, who doesn’t understand why they had left. They introduce him to Kahleel, who brings Marra to play with him.

-Kahleel asks about whether Lupis had any littermates, and Mink tells him the other three brothers he had died, having been sick when they were born. They had not announced his birth, because they didn’t want him to have contact with the Kingdom except for being healed by their healer.

-Apollo approaches the family, obviously hostile towards both Balder and Mink. Before the two older brothers could fight, Kahleel stops them, and Apollo introduces the group to his new acquaintance Rune.


-Mink recognizes Rune and warns Apollo that he is dangerous. Rune teases Mink, causing her to become hostile. He approaches her three present cubs, not noticing Lupis, as he is off playing with Marra.

-Apollo and Rune are led to the leader’s den by Marra, as they wish to speak to Kahleel alone. As he leaves, Mink warns him again, but he sees whatever past Rune had as redeemable.

-Balder and Lupis go to the healer J’Trall’s den, where he announces Lupis’s health.

-Lupis and his family return to their territory, and Rune appears, confronting Balder and lauding him for his ability to hide so well. He reveals the deaths of Kahleel, Apollo, and Vedar, going on to address Balder’s presence keeping Rune from taking the thrown.

-Balder pins Rune down, reminding him of a time when they battled, resulting in the loss of Rune’s eye. He finds himself surrounded, though, and he is killed while Lupis watches from the shadows.

-Mink then tells her children to run; immediately, Tia is killed by Rune, followed by Mink. The group then disappears in pursuit of the remaining two pups they know of.


-Erol and Lupis are advised by their dying mother to run, hide their identities. They escape, and evade the group for two months until they are located. Hearing the party nearby, they find out that Aurora has been killed as well.

-Erol decides to sacrifice himself in order to keep Lupis safe, as Rune doesn’t know he is alive. While he escapes, he hears Erol’s cry and returns, only to find him beheaded.

-As he lays in his brother’s blood, Lupis recounts the last days his family members were alive, as well as their deaths.

-Lupis runs, and the next memory is that of Luna finding him, though he at first sees her as Tia.


-Alari takes Vimy off to her den to see a healer, Saber.

-Luna confronts Yin-Yang, but she is also unsure what the meeting is about, preferring that Luna and Milly leave her alone.

-While she says this, a former omega of the Pack of the Mossy Boulders named Rock appears, hostile towards Yin-Yang for insulting Luna, who he finds beautiful. He scares the elder off, revealing his past reveals the self-murder of his alpha father and beta brother to Luna, who is appalled.

-Rock then asks Luna to be his alpha female, and she declines immediately, as he didn’t even know her name. He insults Lupis, knowing she is close to him, telling her that he had seen him running to the forest in tears.

-Torrie approaches Saber, asking whether Vimy will live. Saber is unsure, and once he leaves to check on Vimy, Alari explains his rough behavior for growing up alone.

-Luna discovers Lupis, and although he won’t tell her what is wrong, she agrees to stay with him.

-Elsewhere, Midnight asks Cliff whether he had seen Lupis, and she is distraught by his being out in the forest. When she discovers him curled up with Luna, she is at first heartbroken, then enraged.


-Before Midnight can act, she hears Fang calling for her and returns to him, and he inquires whether she is courting any of the visiting males. She denies this, and he agrees to let her sleep in his den for the night, although he is not yet willing to accept her as alpha female.

-Fang runs to a cliff side called Moon Cliff, howling and seeming to speak to Flutter, telling her that he will soon have his revenge, and that she will be able to rest in peace.

-A memory is peaked within Fang by the appearance of Sharp, a memory of Flutter showing him the Moon Cliff, saying that she wants to claim the disowned territory for her own clan, as she can hear the spirits within its canyons.

-Sammy and Alari begin to talk, and Alari explains how she grew up with the two tom-cats and Saber. Sammy asks if Saber is her father, but Alari says that he is not.



-Alari begins to endure a flashback of her mother’s death, escaping from the farmer and finding herself almost drowned in a river as she flees the scene. When she wakes up, she hears Bone nearby, and listens to his proclamation of bravery to her.

-Before Alari can approach him, her uncle Cliff appears, and they go back to the pack together. Fang is the next to show up in the forest, and Alari listens as he and Cliff discuss Flutter and Alari’s deaths. Although he wishes that he could have apologized to Alari before her death, Fang again denies the search party the ability to go looking for her body.

-Three months later, she is found and attacked by a mountain lion named Safira when her cub comes close to her, but Saber stops the lion, who is convinced that Alari is not one of Saber’s pups, though she smells like the Pack of Night.

-Although Safira wishes to kill Alari because she is the alpha’s pup, Saber denies this right, telling her that she has repaid her debt.

-The episode finishes with Alari telling Sammy her entire family is dead.

-An ending scene of Rune and his Par'Sherra Kia begins after the credits, Kia having returned to tell Rune something she learned at the meeting with the Pack of Night. Although Rune continually tries to go back to sleep, Kia announces that they had failed to kill every son of Balder.


-Kia warns Rune of Lupis, who she saw talking to Marra. At first, Rune seems appalled, but he then inquires what Lupis looked like; Kia says he looks like Mink, not at all like Balder himself.

-Rune himself begins to experience a flashback, where a she-wolf of his past pack explains Vadar’s enslavement of all other western packs, leaving his own as the only true pack. They practice tradition and wear the feathers of their first avian kill, guaranteeing them a flight partner in the afterlife. They call themselves the Feather Ferals as a result of harassment from the Kingdom wolves.

-Although Rune is a dedicated student, his friend Mink is absent in attention and asks copious questions. He explains things to her, especially the supposed treachery of Vadar in his ruling over the packs. Rune hopes to someday help the wolves in the Kingdom reclaim their traditions by becoming their beta under his father.

.-Three years later, two wolves are exiting the Feather Ferals’ territory when Mink and Rune ambush them, killing them both; Kia, who is the personal servant of Rune, appears and takes the prey back to the pack.

-Before they can follow Kia, they find another wolf, Balder, and they plan to steal the rabbit he had caught; before Mink could escape with the prey, though, Balder caught her, asking for it back.

-In exchange for the rabbit, Mink tells Balder her name, and he compliments her feather, saying that their packs could get along if they exchanged knowledge with each other. He also reveals that Yin-Yang is his aunt, which makes Lupis her grand-nephew, and Vadar her brother. He does avoid revealing his identity, though, when he offers to have Mink across the border for a meal.

-Rune steps in, forcing Balder to leave without Mink.


-Mink becomes angry with Rune for keeping her from solving the problems with the Kingdom, and he blames her for being too trusting, saying that they could have stolen her from the Feather Ferals. Mink in enraged that he thinks she couldn’t take care of herself, and suggests that the Kingdom wolves may not be as bad as they were taught.

-Rune denies this, continuing to use his father’s word as proof; Mink draws his attention to this, leaving while he sits alone.

-Five months later, Rune, his father, Mink, and Kia find three Kingdom wolves with a caribou. When they refuse to give up their prey, Rune lunges at them, but Mink stops him, advising the three wolves to run and save their lives. This results in the killing Rune’s father, taking the feathers of his avian partner so he is trapped on the ground in the afterlife.

-The wolves’ knowledge of the feathers convinces Rune that Mink revealed this information to Balder, and she decides to leave with Balder, leaving Rune behind.

-Mink finds Balder, and they agree to leave together, Balder telling his family she was a loner rather than a Feather Feral.

-Rune appears and begs Mink not to leave, pleading with her so he won’t lose his father and mate in the same day. Mink counters that she is not his mate, and then reveals that she is pregnant with Balder’s pups.

-As the two leave, Rune attacks Balder, but Balder pins him, taking his eye and leaving him for dead. He is found by Kia, who tells him that his father was dead, and they could not locate his feathers. Rune blames Balder for all of these misfortunes, and Kia reveals that Balder is in fact the son of Vadar.

-Five months later, Rune approaches Apollo, convincing him that once he kills Kahleel and is in power, Rune will need nothing but his debt as repayment for his help. He is then shown with a line of the entire family’s heads before him: Aurora, Erol, Tia, Mink, Apollo, Balder, Vadar, and Kahleel.

-The flashback ends, and Rune tells Kia they two will go to the Pack of Night the next day.


-Alari is shown following Bone out in the forest; he catches her scent, and she hides in a log, but as he disappears she slips out. Before he leaves, though, he catches sight of her and she runs off.

-Luna and Lupis remain curled together until Milly appears, startling her. Bone appears, and Luna confronts him for his ordering behavior. His façade falters, Luna inquiring what had happened, but he recovers and leaves when Lupis convinces him they were taking Milly on a tour.

-Sammy encounters a healed Vimy, insulting him before she realizes what he had done for her. She thanks him, but is immediately disgusted when he compliments her appearance. Torrie arrives and tells him to return to his resting, also ordering Sammy to leave.

-Midnight greets Fang as he returns to her den, but is confused by the presence of Sharp, who is now the alpha of the Pack of Falling Stars, though she is a female. She and Midnight get into an argument, resulting in Midnight revealing herself as the next alpha female of her pack.

-Sharp counters that she is too young to be an alpha female, and that Flutter would laugh at the scene, also insulting Midnight and revealing that Fang only likes Midnight because she reminds him of Flutter, but he truly doesn’t care for her for any other reason. Upon Bone’s return, Fang orders both she-wolves out of his den.

-Midnight is seen crying outside of the den, but she is suddenly approached by Rock.


-Midnight reveals to Rock that the wolf she loved likes her sister, and that the other wolf she wanted to be her mate had another she-wolf, although Sharp was not truly with Fang. When she looks up, she finds that Rock has disappeared, and is already talking to Marra.

-Marra tells Rock, who is now pursuing her affection, that she has a mate who, when his first mate left him, he killed, along with her new mate.

-Lupis and Luna have taken Milly to the base of the Moon Cliff, a place where the two of them go frequently. They start to play in the snow.

-Torrie is confronted by Sammy, who corrects him for speaking to his brother so condescendingly. When he insults her, she lashes out at him, revealing that she herself has no family or friends, and she knows how it feels to be treated like trash.

-The scene cuts momentarily to Luna and Lupis; Luna seems about to confess her love for him when she is cut off by a lion’s roar: Safira has appeared nearby.

-Torrie and Sammy go off towards the sound of the lioness, and the scene moves to show Safira launching herself towards the two wolves, only to be attacked and speared by Milly’s horns.

-After the credits, Fang is seen talking to Bone, who reports that the packs are sending their leaders and wolves to hear his announcement. He does not mention Alari, and Cliff appears to ask if a wolf can seek council with Fang. Fang agrees, and Rune is led into the den.



-Millie scares off Safira, even though the cat warns her multiple times the wolves will betray her.

-Torrie and Sammy reach a simultaneous apology, but they find themselves split apart as Safira rolls in. She recounts what happened to her, and a doubtful Torrie advises her to return to Saber and Alari. The two cats go off in search of the cow from Safira’s story.

-Rune and Kia are shown before Fang and Bone, who introduces them. Rune introduces himself by insulting both Fang and Bone, saying Fang is insane and killed Alari himself, and Bone is the only person keeping Fang in power. Bone and Kia get into a fight over the disrespect expressed, and Bone lunges at Kia as Rune guides Fang to somewhere they can address his business.

-Saber finds Alari and Vimy outside, both looking downcast. She reveals to Saber what happened with Bone, and he finally aloud states that he is the mate of Blue, something most viewers had already assumed due to his markings. Safira appears, and Saber and Alari say they will help to heal her.

-Fang and Rune argue about Alari’s death, exchanging words of insanity to each other; while Rune says this towards Fang as an echo to rumors, Fang addresses Rune as insane due to his vast murders and method of ruling his pack. His attention is drawn to Bone, who is terribly beaten up, Kia continuing to toy with him.

-Rune finally addresses his search for Lupis, and although Fang isn’t partial to the wolf, he refuses to give up the strength he offers to the Pack of Night, resulting in hostility from Rune. As a result, he threatens to kill Fang and Bone, then claim the pack as part of the kingdom. Fang gives up Lupis, and the two leave.

-After the credits, Vimy is shown contemplating his day: his heart broken by Sammy, his brother’s anger, and the abandonment he feels at being left alone afterwards.

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