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"Upset? Upset!? My life was taken from me. My mate, my pup, and you think I'm upset? No, Blue, I'm dead. Dead on the inside!"
— Fang to Blue after Flutter's death in Those Lost

Fang Icon.png
Age 5,6 Years
Gender Male
Species Wolf
Status Alive
Current The Pack of Night
Rank Beta (Formerly, Succeeded by Cliff)[citation needed]
Alpha (Preceded by Cedar[1])
Voice Actors
Current Bloodstainedfur
Formerly Fluffylovey, Darkoakpaw (Young Fang)[2]
Living Child's Play

Fang is a gray wolf with a ginger-brown saddle and bright yellow eyes. He is covered in battle scars, the most prominent being crossed over his right eye, bridge of his nose, left lip, and near throat.


Prior to the one year jump, Fang appears to be a caring, compassionate, but somewhat protective father to his daughter, Alari. After the death of Flutter, his mate, Fang's personality went through several dramatic shifts. He became increasingly stern, demanding, mean, cruel, arrogant, manipulative, and short-tempered with almost every member of his pack. Even worse, the loss of Flutter began to impair his judgment, leading several poor decisions, including the needless exile of Blue, the prejudiced demotion of Luna to Omega, simply because he did not like her, and several others, including Cliff, since his brother wasn't following his orders..
After the one year time skip, Fang's mental health appears to have deteriorated further. Along with a new host of scars covering his face, he appears to be even gruffer and harder to please than before. However, these unpleasant characteristics all seem to generate from a feeling of intense loneliness, created by the loss of Flutter and Alari. His relationship with Midnight was, as hinted by Sharp, not a true relationship but rather his way of clinging to the past, as Midnight reminded him of Flutter. Fang did not deny or confirm that he actually felt anything for Midnight
As a pup, Fang's personality was very different. He was much more timid, insecure, and reckless than he is now, and seemed to feel rather bullied by his brother, Cliff. His relationship with Flutter appeared to be the catalyst for his increase in confidence that presumably led to his promotion of Alpha Male of the Pack of Night.


  • Although he has tried to at least twice, Fang has never killed another wolf.[3]
  • He received his scars in a fight against Saber.[4]
  • Fang was originally a gray wolf with a ginger stripe running from his muzzle to his tail tip. [5]
  • Fang would be about 40 years old in human years.[6]



Cedar (Father): Deceased
Flower (Mother): Deceased


Cliff: Alive (As of Romance Is Boring)


Flutter (formerly)[7]: Deceased
Midnight[8]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Alari[7]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Sharp[9]: Alive (As of Who's Your Daddy?)




"Bad things will happen when you try to think, Bone. So leave that to me."
—Fang to Bone New Places, Unknown

"What do you think you're doing?! You're a grown wolf, you can't listen to elders ramble. You have work to do!"
—Fang yelling at Lupis The West, Unknown
"Maybe I chose wrong."
—Fang to Sharp about Flutter Who's Your Daddy?, 3:54

"Any other wolf would kill you now, but I know what you're going through. I've been there, and I know, it would be far crueler to leave you alive."
—Fang after fighting Saber Unreleased Episode, Unknown


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