In the traditions of our ancestors, we wear the feathers of our first avian kill in our fur. To bind our spirit to theirs, guaranteeing them as partners and companions to fly with in the afterlife.
Doran speaking about tradition in Fall From Grace, Rise To Power

The Feather Ferals are a pack of wolves living in the west. They were mortal enemies with the Kingdom of the West, and were the only pack who resisted Vadar to remain as individual pack, until Rune took over the kingdom and merged their packs.


The Feather Ferals are the last pack to continue the Brothers in Flight ceremony. At a young age, Feather Feral wolves are taken out to catch their first avian kill. If they kill the bird with respect, the bird's spirit will bind with them in the afterlife and will allow them to use their wings to fly. The wolves wear the feathers twined in their fur. If a wolf dies without its feather, they will be stuck on the ground in the afterlife, which is the greatest fear one of them can have. Their wings will be reduced to stubs. They can have them restored if someone else brings their feathers with them when they die.[1]
The Feather Ferals wear their feather in certain places to identify their rank. The highest ranking wolves wear feathers on their tails (Ex: Rune, Doran, ect). Commoners wear them on their chests (Ex: Mink), and Par'Sherras wear them on their heads.


Par'Sherras are the lowest rank in the Feather Feral pack, but an essential part of it. They are slaves or servants given to the higher ranking pack members and serve their masters for life. In most cases, Par'Sherras are assigned to a master at birth.


  • The term "feather feral" was first used as an insult by the Kingdom wolves, but the Feather Ferals took the insult and owned it to take away the Kingdom wolves' power over them.
    • "Tail Chasers" was a sobriquet given to the Kingdom wolves by the Feather Ferals.

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