Jtrall Icon
Gender Female
Species Wolf
Status Alive
Current Kingdom of the West
Rank Healer
Voice Actors
Current RocketMeowth[1]
Flashback Things Best Left Forgotten

J'Trall is a pale gray she-wolf with light gray stripes, a light gray spot over one eye, and royal blue eyes.

She is a healer in the Kingdom of the West.


Things Best Left Forgotten

J'Trall is consulted for a medical check up. Balder asks her whether Lupis' health is affected by similar physical circumstances as his littermates, who each died shortly after their birth. She replies that Lupis is fine, but suggests that he should not run or do any big tasks until he was older.



"Yes, Balder. It means he's fine. Just a little bit small. But he will grow. I wouldn't worry. Just one suggestion. Don't work him too hard or make him walk too far. As I said, he is small and may not be able to take it."
—J'Trall to Balder about Lupis Things Best Left Forgotten, 02:04


  1. Revealed in Things Best Left Forgotten Part II, Credits
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