"They've stolen the feathers of his brother in flight. If we can't retrieve them before he dies, he'll be trapped on the ground in the afterlife."
— Kia just before Terok's death. in Fall from Grace, Rise to Power, 03:03

Kea Icon
Gender Female
Species Wolf
Status Alive
Current Kingdom of the West
Formerly Feather Feral
Rank Par'Sherra
Voice Actors
Current GirlWithTheWolfHood
Formerly Taumoew[1], Tribbleofdoom[2], Ruizloo[3]
Living Back to Haunt, Fall for Grace, Rise to Power, Family First, Who's Your Daddy?, Love Hurts
Flashback Fall for Grace, Rise to Power

Kia is a brown she-wolf with a pale underbelly, chest and muzzle, three darker dots below each of her eyes, light blue eyes and two purple feathers at the left side of her head.

She is Rune's Par'Sherra.

Upon Rune's Death, she becomes the Par'Sherra of Lupis.[4]


Kia is cunning, smart, and unquestionably loyal to her master, Rune, serving him as Par'Sherra. Much like him, she has a cruel and unforgiving nature, driven by the feelings she has for the alpha. She has a deeply rooted hatred for traitors, such as Mink.


  • Kia is in love with Rune.[5]
  • She possesses incredible speed and attack dodging skills.[6]
  • Her brother in flight is either a violet backed starling or the same mandarin duck as Rune's. Tribble suggested it could have been a shared experience.[7]


  • Her color palette has changed numerous times. Her first design shows her as brown with a red undercoat[8], whereas later designs depict her as light brown, dark brown with a lighter undercoat, red-brown with a lighter underside, and dark red-brown with a lighter undercoat[9].
  • She has been mistakenly shown with green eyes.[citation needed]
  • It is uncertain whether her name is spelled as Kea or Kia, as the credits on different episodes have shown her name written in both ways before.


Things Best Left Forgotten

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Back to Haunt

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Fall for Grace, Rise to Power

After Rune and Mink had killed the two trespassers that hunted in the Feather Ferals' territories, Kia abruptly appears and briefly congratulate Rune on a job well done. Afterwards, she question Rune whether she should take the prey back to the pack, in which he replies with a yes. A different scene begins, showing the chestnut-color she-wolf bending her head low to grab the duck and then leaving the screen. The background, blurred at that time, goes clear and is left with Silver, the silver Kingdom wolf, lying lifeless in a pool blood with her throat ripped open, to the point where one is able to see the neck-bone.
A bit after that scene concludes, Mink talks of Kia. She states that she would be sneaky, and questions Rune why she always has to follow him around. Rune responds that she is his Par'Sherra, and accuses Mink of being jealous. The smoky she-wolf then talks about Kia being creepy.

Family First

Kia first acts when Bone threatens Rune in the den of the Alpha, Fang. She defends her king and starts to fight the Beta. Later, she is seen still fighting with him. However, she is not hurt at all, while Bone is covered in his own blood. Kia makes fun of him when he falls onto the ground. When Bone attemps to attack her for a last time, she simply kicks him back, showing no interest in fighting with him anymore. She then is ordered to leave along with Rune, her leader.

Love Hurts

Kia appears briefly in the background with Rune, looking judgmental or with a scowl on her face. She doesn't have any lines, but after Marra kills Rune, Kia's master, she watches with Lupis, a mask of horror on her face.



"Too slow, dog. You worthless kingdom-borns. [...] Aww, is the poor widdle puppy tired?"
—Kia taunting Bone Episode 22 - Family First, 10:50
"We should all do this again some time."
—Kia mocking Bone and Fang Episode 22 - Family First, 13:44


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