The Kingdom of the West is a kingdom of wolves who lived together in peace, after their former leader, Vadar, united the packs which used to live in the kingdom's area, until the Kingdom was conquered by the Feather Ferals.


They are first spoken of by Yin-Yang, when telling some pups a story. She tells them that way back when she was a pup, they found peace in a wolf named Vadar. He was the alpha of a single pack, but other packs were drawn to him, and eventually joined together under his guidance to create the kingdom.
Afterwards, Vadar brought pups into the world, namely Balder, Kahleel, and Apollo. Being the first-born, Balder became next-in-line to having the position of king. However, after meeting with a loner named Mink, he started a family of his own and cut off communication with the kingdom entirely. He had two daughters, Tia and Aurora, and one son, Erol. Later on, a second litter was born, although all pups died beside his son Lupis.
After Balder left, Kahleel became king, due to Vadar growing old. Apollo became jealous of the position and gathered a following, aligning himself with Rune. Soon enough, tragedy struck and Rune betrayed Apollo, lying to him that he and Apollo wished to speak to Kahleel, but instead killed Vadar, Apollo and Kahleel.
Later, he found Balder and explained to him he was the last member of 'The Royal Family'. He gathered some of his strongest wolves, and attacked Balder, killing him. He then gave Mink the final choice of coming with him to rule the kingdom, but she refused, whereupon he killed her and her pups, exterminating the royal family (exuding Kahleel's daughter Marra, whom he took as mate).


  • The kingdom wolves have a complex social structure, as well as knowledge of herbal medicine.[1]

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