Well, I don't need anything more to be happy. I mean, look at this! I am alive, I've got a beating heart, I can run, I can jump and I can hunt. I can do anything. What more could I ask for without being greedy?
— Luna about herself being an Omega, in Omega, 2:58

Luna Icon
Alias Starshine (by Rock)
Age Approximately 3 Years
Gender Female
Species Wolf
Status Alive
Current Pack of the Mossy Boulders
Formerly The Pack of Night, Loner
Rank Omega (Formerly)
None (Formerly)
Alpha Female (Pack of the Mossy Boulders)
Voice Actors
Current Selneversleeps (aka ButterflyIdentity)[1]
Formerly Cheetahstar2, xxKumuKatxx, Tribbleofdoom, Reokeo, StarxHusky, Echofeather, Missydanced2[2]

Luna is a light gray she-wolf with a white underside, white paws, two crescent-shaped scars below one of her mint green eyes, and a missing ear.

She is the omega of the Pack of Night, and sister of Bone and Midnight.

She is eventually exiled from the Pack of Night by Fang. After Midnight convinces her Lupis never really loved her, she agrees to become the Alpha Female of Rock.


As a pup and as an adult, Luna has been portrayed as optimistic, light-hearted, and friendly. Prior the one year jump, she seemed much more easily distracted and frisky than she is today, though she did become fast friends with Lupis almost immediately after she met him.
As an adult, Luna's relationship with Lupis has deepened, though her positive spirit hasn't been dampened. Her open, friendly disposition helped her bond quickly with Milly, despite the fact that Milly was originally intended to be just another meal for the pack. Regardless of her flighty personality, Luna seems to be universally hated by most members of the pack based on the sole fact that she is the Omega, and therefore traditionally shunned as the lowest-ranking wolf in the pack. While the burden of her rank is clearly evident in her fluctuating relationship with Lupis, Luna never lets her status dampen her spirit. She even uses her low position as an advantage when she confronts Bone, her brother and the pack's Beta, over his lack of affection for his sisters; since she's already the lowest-ranking member in the pack, there's no way for him to punish her further.
Despite her optimism, Luna is frequently shown to be bold and outspoken when faced with injustice, her confrontation with Bone being the most prominent example.


  • Luna has had a crush on Lupis since they first met as pups.[3]
  • Luna has had more voice actors than any other Cow of the Wild character.
  • It was stated that Luna and Midnight will find mates before the end of the series.[citation needed]
  • Luna would be about 18-19 years old in human years.[4]
  • In the end of Episode 25, Luna's eyes are shown as greenish-blue, instead of leaf-green.



Rock: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Saber[5] (Father): Alive (As of Who's Your Daddy?)

Blue[6] (Mother): Deceased


Bone[6]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Midnight[6]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Jet: Alive (As of Who's Your Daddy?)


Alari: Alive (As of Love Hurts)




"I didn't wander off anywhere. I was hunting!"
—Luna to her Mother
"Actually, there aren't that many. Lupis and I were just talking about that. Most of the wolves here aren't our packmates and they all have different pack scents on them. Usually we'd attack intruders, but Fang is right there and he hasn't signaled us to do anything yet. No one really knows what they're doing here."
—Luna to Milly about the foreign pack members in their territory Coming Togethers, 02:54
"Not that we mind. When Fang sends us on long hunting trips we like to come here and rest."
—-Luna to Milly about Moon Cliff Romance Is Boring, Unknown


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