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"Until a few days ago I really thought I knew who I was. Everyone loved me! Everyone! But everything is going so badly suddenly. I don't know what I did wrong. I found out that the wolf I wanted to be my mate likes my sister better and... the other wolf I wanted has this new female and she called me a... a whore. And suddenly I am not so sure about anything anymore. And... and... my whole life I've been pretty, but... I don't know if I am anymore. And if I'm not pretty... I am so scared I might be... nothing."
— Midnight telling Rock about her feelings in Romance Is Boring (Part II), 01:26

Midnight Icon.png
Age 3 years
Gender Female
Species Wolf
Status Alive (as of Episode 26)
Cause of Death Killed by Fang[1]
Current The Pack of Night
Rank Common Member (Formerly)
Alpha Female[2] (Preceded by Flutter)
Voice Actors
Current StarxHusky
Formerly Tribbleofdoom, Cheetahstar2

Midnight is a black she-wolf with a white dappled chest, dark blue eyes, and a long white-tipped strand of fur dangling on one side of her face. Her tail-tip is also white.

She is the sister of Luna and Bone.


Throughout her life, Midnight is shown to be self-centered, egotistical, and obsessed with her own appearance. She is a compulsive liar who seems to have no shame telling lies to her friends and family, as long as she gets her way. However, this behavior actually masks deeper feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.
Based on her semi-dysfunctional relationship with Fang, she seems drawn to power and is clearly vying for the position of Alpha Female beside Fang. However, she believes if Fang lives up to his vow that he would never take another alpha female, Lupis may be the one to climb the ranks, which is why she tries to be on the good sides of both males.[3]


  • In one part of a Cow of The Wild Multiple Animator Project, which was made by fluffylovey, it was revealed that Fang kills Midnight in front of Luna. These scenes were confirmed to be actual spoilers for the series.[1]
  • Midnight would be about 18-19 years old in human years.[4]
  • Her eyes were originally cyan, but were changed in later episodes to a dark shade of blue.
  • Midnight is technically not suited to be an Alpha Female by the natural behavior of real wolves, which do not reach maturity nor seek mateship until about 22 months of age. This fact is reinforced by Sharp, who points out her youth when questioning Fang's choice.[5]



Fang[2]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Saber[6] (Father): Alive (As of Who's Your Daddy?)

Blue[7] (Mother): Deceased


Bone[7]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Luna[7]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Jet[8]: Alive (As of Who's Your Daddy?)


Alari[2][9]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)




"I'm going to be the next alpha female of the Pack of Night!"
—-Midnight to Sharp Romance Is Boring, Unknown
"Well, it just seems kind of silly. You know, bringing her into the pack and making us treat her like a wolf. She's bothering everybody and I was wondering why we don't... you know."
—Midnight about Milly
"Ew, stop! Don't do that! You'll get fleas on everyone!"
—Midnight to Luna Omega, 01:30


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