The Pack of Falling Stars is a pack of wolves. Their territory is like quite close to the Pack of Night's territory.


  • Alpha Female: Sharp- sandy colored she-wolf with mottled darker sandy spots on her back, a dark muzzle, and bright violet eyes. She has deep scars across her fur and missing an ear.
  • Beta: Jet- black male wolf with a white splash on forehead and a reddish-brown patch over one of his amber eyes.

Former Members


The Pack of Falling Stars is first heard of when Flutter and Sharp tell Fang that that's where they're from. Flutter leaves the Pack of Falling Stars when she's older, and goes to The Pack of Night to mate with their alpha, Fang. They come to the Ancient Place of Gatherings for the meeting with all the other packs.


  • The way Midnight acts in Romance is Boring shows that it is very rare for an only female to be alpha, making this pack one of the only packs to have one.


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