The Pack of Night is the main pack in the series. The pack is lead by the alpha male, Fang, and his beta, Bone. The pack currently stands without an alpha female after a terrible incident, which caused the death of Flutter, the previous alpha female, and their daughter Alari to vanish from the pack.


Alphas: (First in command, leader)

Fang (Male) - Gray male wolf with a ginger saddle, wide yellow eyes, a bushy tail, and his fur is marked with scars.
Midnight[1] (Female) - Black she-wolf with a white speckled chest, dark blue eyes, and a long white-tipped strand of fur dangling on one side of her face.

Beta: (Second in command, deputy)


Pack Members:

Cliff (Former Beta) - Dark ginger wolf with a gray streak running down his back, a large bushy tail, one silver paw, and royal blue eyes.
Milly - Tall brown cow with a pinkish-white muzzle, and small brown eyes.
Griffon - Male wolf with an unknown description.
Terra - She-wolf with an unknown description.

Omega: (The most unimportant and weak wolf in the pack, who have to sleep outside)


Elders: (Wolves retired due to injuries or old age)

Yin-Yang - A black and white she-wolf with green eyes.

Former Members

Flutter (Former Alpha Female) - Pale gray, almost white she-wolf with white paws, brown markings, tipped strands of fur dangling over one side of her face, and green eyes.
Blue - Silver and white furred she-wolf with ice-blue eyes, black spots under her eyes, and a slight blue tint to her fur.
Alari - Reddish-brown she-wolf with a white chest, underbelly, toes, a bushy, white-tipped tail and round green eyes.
Lupis (Former Head Tracker) - Smoky black wolf with yellow eyes.
Luna (Former Omega) - A light gray and white she-wolf with light green eyes.
Bone (Former Beta) - Massive, broad-shouldered white wolf with dark amber eyes



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