Rock and Yin-Yang
Rock and Yin-Yang
Characters Rock and Yin-Yang
Status Canon (Unconfirmed)

Rock and Yin-Yang is a minor canon pairing. It features Rock from the Pack of Mossy Boulders and Yin-Yang from the Pack of Night. This couple is often referenced to as a joke pairing.


Rock and Yin-Yang first meet when the elderly she-wolf insults Luna, the omega of her pack, as a waste of space. Rock denies this comment and calls Yin-Yang a dead corpse, also stating that he does not have to show her any respect, since he is the alpha of an own pack and the she-wolf is obviously wrong about Luna. He refers to Luna as a picture of beauty. On the other hand he says that Yin-Yang indeed is a waste of space. The elder then leaves angrily and Rock seems to feel satisfied.[1]
Shortly before the meeting at the ancient place of meetings starts, Rock becomes desperate that any wolf beside him seems to have luck with the she-wolfs. Yin-Yang laughs about him, so Rock tells her to be quit, again calling her corpse. He then mentions how Fang scares him, but Yin-Yang assures him that he has no reason to fear him. She tries to tell him to watch out for Rune for this matter, but is interrupted by Bone, who tells the two of them to gather at the ancient place of meetings.[2]
When the meeting is over, he tries to flirt with another female, who also rejects him though. Rock tries to whimper and Yin-Yang starts to comfort him. However, Rock gets angry at her for touching him and insults her again, while the she-wolf just gives him an annoyed look.[3]



Yin-Yang: "There, there. I am sure you'll find an alpha female soon enough."
Rock: "Did I say you could touch me? Do you remember me saying 'Hey, get your old smell all over my paws'? Because I don't. No. You broke a boundary. You broke it. Huh? Wait, what was that noise? Oh, it was nothing. It's just Yin-Yang breaking a boundary. No, no, don't touch me. You stink. You stink like old."
—Rock and Yin-Yang after the meeting The Meeting, 15:23

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