"You're right! I don't have anyone! Bravo! But even me, a lonely, crippled stray with not a friend in the whole bloody world can see that you treat your brother like absolute rubbish. I may not know much about family but that is one thing I do know about, being treated like rubbish."
— Sammy to Torrie in Family First

Sammy Icon
Gender Female
Species Domesticated Cat
Status Alive
Current Barn
Voice Actors
Current Cheekycoolcat15
Formerly fluffylovey, Peachblossom, XxSkad
Living Dreamer

Sammy is a white, three-legged she-cat with ginger splotches and blue-green eyes.


Sammy is seen as a sarcastic and bitter character. She is frightful in the forest. Though she doesn't like to show it she generally cares for others and can be nice to others until they tick her off. She usually feels bad afterward and sometimes apologizes.


  • Sammy is mistakenly portrayed with all her paws or legs on occasion.[1]
  • Sammy lost her leg due to a fight with a dog.[2]
  • It has been confirmed Sammy prefers Torrie over Vimy.[3]



"My, my is that remorse I hear? And here I though there was a sarcastic comment were your heart should be."
—-Sammy to Torrie Family First, Unknown

"Oh I'll leave. I just want to yell at you first."
—-Sammy to Torrie Romance Is Boring, Unknown

"I bloody well saved myself from that hawk. They were all acting like a bunch of idiots and that Vimy fellow almost got himself... Vim... Vimy... Oh..."
—-Sammy to Vimy Romance Is Boring, Unknown

"Oh, my bloody hero."
—Sammy's sarcastic comment to Torrie Coming Togethers, 01:52


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