"My dad says one day we're going to go to the Kingdom and we're going to change all that! He's says that if we can get a Feather Feral to be king than everyone will be happier. He's been planning his whole life to do it!"
— Rune talking about his father in Fall from Grace, Rise to Power, 05:24

Terok Icon
Age Adult
Gender Male
Species Wolf
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Kingdom wolf
Current Feather Ferals
Rank Alpha

Terok is a dark gray, male wolf with a pale underbelly, light gray and black stripes and yellow eyes.


  • Terok has opposite colored markings as Vadar, as they are shown to be counterparts.
  • Terok is named after Terok Nor from Star Trek: Deep Space 9.[1]


Fall From Grace, Rise To Power

When Rune and three other Feather Ferals (Mink and Terok being two) come to the kill of three Kingdom wolves, he threatens to kill them, when Mink jumps in front of him and tells him, "You don't want to die like this from cowardice of yourself". The Kingdom wolves look at each other and a brown she-wolf opens her mouth and leans forward. Terok looks terrified and Rune yells out "Father!". As a lot of blood flows up in black, the she-wolf and her compainoins slash open Terok's throat and give him other injuries as well. The Kingdom wolves have blood on thier muzzles as they are over Terok's dying self. "Let your compainions burn" says the she wolf. Another Kingdom wolf appears to be carrying Terok's Brother in Flight feather as the Kingdom wolves run away.

Rune goes over to his father's body and orders Mink to retrive Terok's flight feathers. She explains she does not want to see another worthless killing. Then Rune acusses Mink of his father's injuries. He tells her she went to Balder and told him about Brothers in Flight.

When Rune wakes up and sees two other Feather Ferals. Kia explains Terok died without his feather. It appears Terok died when Rune was unconscious.



Doran (Formerly)[1]: Alive (Revealed by Tribble)


Rune[1]: Deceased[2]


Lupis: Alive (As of Love Hurts)
Kong[3][4]: Deceased
Czar[3][4]: Deceased
Sokka[3][4]: Deceased
Relic[1]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)
Cipher[1]: Alive (Revealed by Tribble)

Unnamed Pup[1]: Alive (Revealed by Tribble)

Unnamed Pups



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