Royal Family
The Royal Family are the descendants of King Vadar and the heirs to the Kingdom of the West.


The Royal Family began when Vadar organized a single pack in the forests of the far west. He ruled with an air of peace that drew in all the other packs, with the exception of the Feather Ferals. The packs declared him king, as he was the most powerful and wisest wolf of them all.
When Vadar grew old, the Kingdom eagerly awaited the moment when Vadar's oldest son, Balder, would take his place. Unfortunately, this never happened. Balder fell in love with Mink and ran away to raise a family with her in peace. Vadar's second oldest son, Kahleel, took over, but was naive and not very wise. Many wolves plotted against him, including his younger brother, Apollo. Apollo allied himself with Rune and ambushed Kahleel. Both Kahleel, Apollo and Vadar were killed in this ambush, due to Rune breaking his promises towards Apollo.
When Rune tried to declare himself king, the wolves rejected him because the true prince, Balder, was still alive. Rune took his most trusted wolves and hunted down Balder, Mink and their pups, except for Lupis who none of them knew about. Rune then decapitated all the bodies and brought them as proof the royal blood had run dry and became king. Rune then made Marra his mate, so his pups would be the legit heirs to the throne.

Known Members

By Birth

Generation One:

Generation Two:

  • Balder: First son of Vadar
  • Kahleel: Second son of Vadar, Second King
  • Apollo: Third son of Vadar
  • Zero: Son of Yin-Yang
  • Phantom: Son of Yin-Yang
  • Gri: Daughter of Yin-Yang

Generation Three:

  • Marra: Daughter of Kahleel
  • Erol: Son of Balder
  • Aurora: Daughter of Balder
  • Tia: Daughter of Balder
  • Lupis: Son of Balder (disputed)
  • Sokka, Kong, Czar: Sons of Balder (disputed)

Generation Four:

  • Relic: Son of Marra
  • Cipher: Son of Marra
  • Relic & Cipher's sibling: Child of Marra

By Mateship

  • Mink: Mate of Balder
  • Moon: Mate of Yin-Yang
  • Silver: Mate of Kahleel, Mother of Marra
  • Rune: Mate of Marra, Father of Relic, Cipher and their sibling, Third King


  • Yin-Yang is the only wolf who managed to escape the Kingdom during Rune's reign.[citation needed]
  • Despite being no threat to his authority, Rune killed Mink, Aurora, Tia and Silver.[citation needed]


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