This timeline marks all the important events categorized by year.


13 Years Prior:

5 Years Prior:

4 Years Prior:

3 Years Prior:

  • Fang becomes the Alpha of the Pack of Night. He asks Flutter to become his mate.[3]

2 Years Prior:

  • Mink meets Balder.[2]
  • Terok is murdered by the Kingdom wolves. Rune becomes Alpha of the Feather Ferals.[2]
  • Mink becomes Balder's mate and reveals that she is pregnant with his pups.[2]
  • Balder and Mink abandon their past lives to live together as loners.[2]

2-1 Years Prior:

  • Mink has an affair with Rune and delivers a litter by him. Balder kills all pups but Lupis[4].
  • Mink and Balder take Lupis to the Kingdom, to have his health inspected. Lupis encounters Marra.
  • The Royal Family is murdered by Rune and the Feather Ferals. Rune becomes king of the West.[5][6]

1 Year Prior:

  • Luna finds Lupis on the territory of the Pack of Night.[7]
  • Alari goes to the fence and meets Milly.[8] Flutter is shot and Alari runs away from home.[9]
  • Blue is banished from the Pack of Night[10] and dies the following winter.[11]

Current Year

  • Milly escapes through a hole in the fence and joins the Pack of Night.
  • Fang calls the surrounding packs to the Ancient Place of Meetings and proposes his plan to ambush the barn and kill the cows.
  • Bone abandons his pack to save Alari from her insane father.[4]
  • Fang appoints Midnight the new Alpha Female of the Pack of Night.[4]
  • Rune asks Lupis to become the next king just before he is killed by Marra.[4]


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