Torrie and Sammy
Torrie and Sammy
Characters Torrie and Sammy
Relationship Two-sided crush
Status Canon (Unconfirmed)

Torrie and Sammy is one of the most supported canon pairings. It features Torrie and Sammy, two cat characters.


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  • It has been confirmed that Sammy prefers Torrie over Vimy.[1]


Torrie: "So, stray... you won't be actually going back to the barn, will you?"
Sammy: "I think I will. I mean, it's all I've ever known."
Torrie: "Well, maybe you should think about not... not going back."
Sammy: "What do you mean?"
Torrie: "Well, I mean... Just like... w-well... consider it an option to... to... you know, to stay? To stay here? With me?"
—Torrie asking Sammy to stay in the forest The Meeting, 08:56

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References and Citations

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