"So this morning I got my heart ripped out and stomped on by a three-legged she-cat, my brother is angry with me, again, and I feel like to biggest idiot in the world. Not that anyone cares or anything."
— Vimy in Family First, 15:08

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Gender Male
Species Cat
Status Alive
Current Loner
Voice Actors
Current 05ywjc80
Formerly Bloodstainedfur
Living New Faces, Good and Bad Intentions, Coming Togethers, Admirance, Romance is Boring, Family First

Vimy is a gray tabby tom with black stripes and green eyes.

He is the younger brother of Torrie. He lives out in the woods with his brother, accompanied by Speed, Alari, and Saber.


Vimy appears to be a bit of a ditz, trying hard to become a hero. Unlike his brother, he seems to look at the bright side of situations, no matter how troublesome. He also has a crush on Sammy, although it is unrequited as Sammy prefers Torrie.


New Faces

Vimy first appears with his brother Torrie, strolling around the forest. They hear Sammy's scream in the distance, along with a hawk's screech. His brother pretends not to notice her scream, while Vimy pleads to go and rescue her. Speed joins in and they eventually presuade Torrie to go save Sammy. They eventually find the nest, but the hawk arrives and attacks.

Good and Bad Intentions

The hawk strikes at Speed, who was carrying Sammy. Vimy gets defensive and throws himself at the hawk, which leads to his side being slit open. He collapses on the ground and isn't seen afterwards.

Coming Togethers

Sammy and Torrie fight over the situation with the hawk, but Speed convinces them they need to get moving to save Vimy.


Alari picks up Vimy and runs to take him to shelter. Later, when Torrie talks to Saber, Saber mentions that Vimy wasn't doing so well, and that he might not make it through the night.

Romance is Boring

Vimy appears in this episode, up and out of the den. He greets Sammy, who snaps at him and says that he almost got himself killed. She apologizes afterwards, but Vimy forgives her quickly and calls her a 'lovely damsel.' Sammy growls at him, but gets cut off when Torrie comes out and sternly asks why Vimy isn't resting and again blames Sammy for getting him hurt. Torrie orders his brother to go back to the den. After Torrie storms off with Sammy right behind him, Vimy looks deeply hurt.

Family First

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Torrie[1]:Alive (As of Love Hurts)




"Don't worry about it. I'm used to being called an idiot. My brother is a bit of an ass, too. Helping you was no problem. Damsels in distress don't come along every day. Not rescuing a damsel as pretty as you..."
—Vimy to Sammy

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  1. Revealed in New Faces, Unknown
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