Zir Icon
Gender Male
Species Wolf
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Mink
Current Kingdom of the West
Flashback Fall From Grace, Rise To Power

Zir is a dark muddy brown wolf with deep bags under his orange eyes.


Fall From Grace, Rise To Power

He is seen walking with Silver, in the territory of the Feather Ferals, as they are stealing prey from the pack. He appears cowardly, other than the she-wolf, and questions the safety of being in this territory. Suddenly Rune and Mink, two members of the Feather Feral pack, appear and give them the choice to give them the prey back and run home or die. When Silver refuses to give the prey back, she is killed immediately. The two of them let Zir live a little while longer, to let him beg for his life, but he is killed by the she-wolf seconds after.


Zir: "Told you this is a bad idea. Come on, let's get outta here."
Silver: "Yeah... okay"
Fall from Grace, Rise to Power, 06:37

"Please don't kill me, please! I'm begging you. Take they prey! I told them not to come through here. Please, I'm told to go home."
—Zir, begging for his life Episode 20 - Fall From Grace, Rise To Power, 07:20

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